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In this fast paced world, everyone who aspires for a flourishing career, needs to be nothing lesser than the BEST, what plays an extremely important role is- Education and the methodology used for imparting education. However, unfortunately or at times unconsciously, many education providers resort to techniques which are sometimes outdated or less efficient as per the current scenario. For example, there are education institutions which focus only on theoretical knowledge with least emphasis on practical # Gyaan. This can prove to be fatal for some candidates because practical knowledge is as important as theoretical knowledge and even more.

Hence, we at TISDA have started a model according to which we provide training services to students (undergraduates/graduates/post graduates) and working professionals interested in undergoing training courses for brushing up their skills or for enhancing their knowledge repository. Our initiative is also backed by our belief that we at TISDA have a proper understanding of the importance of education and practical knowledge among aspirants. Moreover, we have also developed tools which help us is providing maximum informat buy pill ion/knowledge in a limited time period.

Besides this, we also lay special emphasis on practical training which is supported by various modern tools for effective teaching. Our teaching procedure and environment is extremely interactive and our training program includes test schedules for gauging students understanding of project and their performance. Apart from improving technical skills of students, TISDA's training program also helps in increasing industrial employability skills, competency among candidates, confidence building and reduction of fear and anxiety and job applicants/ working professionals.

Our Training Courses/Classes

TISDA provide a range of classes and workshops, detailed hands-on automation to informative vision workshops and lean manufacturing workshops among others.

Excellent Trainers

Our trainers are qualified and certified professionals with years of hands-on knowledge of their subject and instructional skills. Our Control & Vision trainers are full time engineers working with Technisys and are experts at understanding customer requirements and troubleshooting.

Product and Software Demo

Our training courses include product and software demo to initiate quick learning among students. In addition we also provide training software which is available at deep discounts.

Unparalleled Support Services