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What is TISDA?

What is so unique about TISDA Training?

What are the various programs offered by TISDA?

What are the eligibility criteria for TISDA courses?

How do I decide upon the course I should take?

Why should I register through this website?

Will I get enough attention from the trainers?

Do I have to pay the fee in full initially?

What is the next step after finishing Online Registration?

Which mode is used for the payment of fees?

Will TISDA guarantee me a job after training?

At TISDA training on only one type of PLC is given. However, if I a undergo training somewhere else then I may learn 4 different brands of PLCs…?

Why is it necessary to undergo Training at the beginning of one's career?


FAQ (Colleges):-

What are the academic courses offered by TISDA?

What all things are required from the college for these training courses?

What all we arrange for training?

Do you give Industrial visit or Seminar?

Is TISDA affiliated by/associated with any university?

How would the colleges get benefited by arranging such training programs?