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In the today's competitive environment; where everything right from business ideas to business methods to business verticals to service offerings etc, is growing in multiples every hour, it has become extremely difficult for organizations and individuals to find adequate training programs, fulfilling their requirements to the best. A reason for this is also the lack of time and overflow of service spectrum which leads to the drop of the idea of undergoing a generalized training course, as it may consume enough of time and money; by organizations and people in specific (service employees/ customers/graduate/undergraduate/fresher/students/etc).

Hence, with the motive of bringing this problem a suitable solution, we at Technisys Training Institute have been providing various Customized Training Programs at the most affordable fees for anyone & everyone who may want to undergo a customized training course for career enhancement, future growth, business expansion etc. At our training organization we have the facility of 'Course Creation from specialized instructional design team' and this customized training program is thoughtfully crafted to focus on client-specific requirements, industrial automation technologies, software applications, communication platforms and hardware configurations, hence creating a highly efficient and effective training solution for a diverse range of scenario. Moreover, these courses can be delivered onsite or at our convenient training locations.

At TISDA, each of our course modules can be combined accordingly to provide customized courses depending on your individual requirements. Therefore, all you need to do is to select the modules you need for your custom course from our course database. Remember, these tailored programs have been crafted with the motive of equipping the course participants with grounded knowledge of practical and appropriate applications of typical automation found in the automation industry.

Ever Try to Fit a Square Peg in a Round Hole?

The right fit between training and job performance. In a perfect world, everyone would have the time and an unlimited budget for training. However, today's competitive and manufacturing environment, demands are more from the resources. How you deploy, manage, and develop your resources determines whether you get there first or "play catch-up." In other words, it all comes down to what your people need to perform.

So, the bottom line is- training that doesn't fit doesn't work

Tailored to your business environment

Your business is unique- no one does it like you. Your training should be distinct, as well.

With this concern in mind, we have created Customize Training Program- an approach that lets you build a training curriculum to meet your specific requirements. You make the decisions, based on your needs, for training that's tailored to your :

  • Manufacturing technologies
  • Employees' skill and knowledge requirements
  • Timetable
  • Budget
Performance-based training

Every Tailored Training lesson is based upon practical, task-driven objectives, covering specific skill requirements and job tasks associated with each technology. Every course is led by professional, certified instructors with years of practical, real-world experience.